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Make the Mobile Safer by Fighting Against Bad Apps

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WhiteArmor fights against bad apps by working to strengthen the entire mobile ecosystem.

Assist mobile users

Provides mobile users with WhiteArmor mobile security products that present readily accessible, easily understandable app profiling information including app behaviors, data collected, privacy risk details, annoy risk details, ad delivery behaviors, surveillance risk details, tracking risk details and etc.

Find bad apps before they find mobile users

By proactively monitoring global app stores including Google Play and other app distribution channels, we can find the bad app and alert the risk at the very beginning of it spreads. Together with WhiteArmor mobile security products, we discover, research and report the bad app before it arrives at mobile users.

Cooperate with mobile phone manufacturers and mobile OS vendors

We're actively open to mobile phone manufactures and mobile OS vendors as of Samsung, LG, Motorola and Google to work together fight against the bad apps.

Advocate for safer mobile

WhiteArmor participates in mobile data privacy policy and mobile ad guidelines of industry associations, and conferences, advocating for a collaborative, transparent approach to protecting users.

Bad app is mobile app that do harm to mobile users disregards user's choice by collecting privacy, disturbing aggressively, causing property loss.

Some bad app is specifically designed for criminal, political, and/or mischievous purposes. These purposes might include:

  • stealing bank account numbers, passwords, company secrets, or other confidential information
  • aggressively push ads or app download page to user that he or she doesn't need
  • sending premium text messages
  • distributing more bad app

This type of badware is often referred to as malware.

Some bad app may not have malicious intentions, but still fails to put the user in control. Consider, for example, a book app requires app usage access that helps you get new paragraph more effectively but does not mention that it will display float window ads on other apps and Home screen. In this case, you are unable to make an informed decision about whether to install or use this app. Another example is when you install an app, and that app installs additional apps that you weren’t expecting. This can be especially troubling if the additional apps does something you dislike or doesn’t uninstall when you remove the original app.

How can bad app find you?

Some bad apps infect your mobile phone using drive-by downloads. Drive-by downloads occur when a website automatically (and often silently) installs app as soon as you visit the site; no clicking is necessary. Typically this kind of attack takes advantage of a vulnerability or “hole” in your mobile phone web browser, or a browser plug-in on your phone.

Social engineering attacks are also common ways to distribute bad apps. These attacks take advantage of human nature by tricking people into installing badw app. A popular trick shows a fake popular app on app store and encourages you to download. Another popular trick is the bad app claims to offer displayin a video that sounds interesting, but only after you install another codec app or update app that is “required” to view the content.

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